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Proiettori D-cinema certificati DCI 4K HFR

Sony 510/515
This projector was available in two light output.

Both versions were remarcable for their very high reliability.

Beside the resolution native 4K that grant an high clearness of the image, a very important charateristic of these machines is the high contrast that grant a black really black and a high saturation of the colours for a agreable image.

Do not undervalue the technology of frame change of Sony that grants the sweet image that everybody may see.

These projectors are fitted with "mercury called" lamps that require a longer startup and heating time compared to xenon, but are cheap and extremely easy to replace. The multilamps system allow to end the projection even if one lamp switchs off. Replacement may be done in 15 seconds during the intermission, but proj have to be switched off for replacement.

Sony projectors run with Sony servers and UPS.

It is strongly recommended to clean regularly the Tcore optics to prevent expencive replacements, anyway we may repair the Tcore.

The Sony 3D surely is the best 3D vision of the market, but it requre the replacement of the projection lens with a special unit 3D. When working 3D the resolution is only 2K as Sony projects both frames Left and Right in the same time instead of alternatively like all others, so no frame jumps with 3D Sony.