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Dolby server
Server Dolby DSS200/DSS220

The server Dolby DSS200 and DSS220 actually are out of production caused by the Dolby/Doremi, but they still are the best servers of the market both for the quality of the components and for the simplicity of use.
The graphical interface is extremely friendly, will satisfy every user, even if not skilled in computer science.
They are the only servers in ISOlinux, mean soft not installed, that allow to cutoff the power without any shutoff procedure, without any damage to the system.
These servers may be networked with similar type (with limitations) without the need to buy a TMS (Theatre Management System) .
Also very easy to repair and assist both hardware and software.
Even out of guarantee, the brand offers a support and updates may be bought at reasonable price.
Dolby offers a top quality support and is extremely quick reacting in assitence. We have ready in stock emergency units when not possible an immediate repair.