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Dolby Audio
  • All cinema products
  • Quick deliveries
  • Good quotations
It is surely not necessary to present the Dolby audio processors, we all use them since over 30 years with full satisfaction.
Actual models extend the tradition.
  • Long working life.
  • Support available also on old products.
  • Fully ready for future developments.
  • Auxiliary inputs for actual and future needs.
  • May be piloted in IP by every server on the market.
  • Extremely high sound quality.
  • Very good rateo price/quality.
In over 25 years we have deal hundreds of Dolby Cinema Systems of every version, 5.1, 7.1, bi e triamplified, stage amplified, integrated with theatre and conference systems, ecc.
To-day we also offer projects and dimensioning of Dolby Atmos
You may contact us by phone 02 2591988 or by mail E-MAIL for more details.