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Barco 10
The models of projector mod Barco 8 e 10 are new and modern products, in detail these models surely are the best projectors built with the TI DMD 0,68.
It is a projector really reliable with washable microfiber filter, Microfiber grants a much better filtering compared with metallic grids and improve the electric contacts and plugs life, but is is foundamental to let dry completely before to reinstall after wash.

With a compliant server the projector may work HFR, but no supplementary inputs as standard equipment, for auxiliaries inputs it is necessary to use the IMB ones.

Also the other versions of Barco projecvtors to-day grant top level performances and very good reliability, in particolar the 4K are realy interesting.

The new server Barco Alchemy is a top quality product, easy for use, really complete, reliable and if buyed together with the proj it is ofered at a strongly competitive price..

Really a good choice in every version